Adam Gilchrist recalls Twitter spat with Harbhajan, says India off-spinner always ‘has the ultimate response’

In August of 2019, Adam Gilchrist and Harbhajan Singh were involved in a bit of an ugly Twitter exchange. Gilchrist, who was part of Harbhajan’s hat-trick in the 2001 Test between India and Australia at Kolkata had lamented the lack of DRS at the time, saying he had a big inside edge on to his pad but was given out anyway.

To the tweet, Harbhajan had replied: “U think u would have survived for long if not first ball ? Stop crying over these things mate..thought u would talk sense after ur playing days.. but few things never change u r the prime example of that. Always crying [sic].”

Harbhajan went on to delete the tweet not too long after and even Gilchrist seems to have kept the entire incident behind him. During an interaction on the Grade Cricketer Podcast, the former Australia wicketkeeper batsman revealed that whatever be the case, Harbhajan would always bring the fact that Gilchrist was his second victim in that hat-trick. But despite the bragging, Gilchrist has made it a point to stay clear of any more controversies on social media, while adding that he and Harbhajan are not at loggerheads.

“I hadn’t stopped to reflect whether I’d been Turbanated, and actually been blown out of the water. No, I didn’t sit down and make an executive decision based on that little lovers’ tiff that we had there, I think we’re all OK, Harbhajan and I, after that,” Gilchrist said.

“Clearly, at the end of the day, he has always got the ultimate response. No matter what I serve up on social media he just has to say, ‘Look in the scorebook champ. You’re the middle member of the first ever Indian hat-trick’. I’ve not really got much reply to that. But I’ll take that on notice and go and revisit my social media and see if I can crank something up, given the vast array of platforms that I’m operating on.”


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