IPL 2020, MI vs CSK: ‘Right from the second game,’ MS Dhoni explains what went wrong with CSK this season

2020 has been a forgetful year for Chennai Super Kings. There were much expectations with the franchise of the 13th season of the Indian Premier League but the UAE hasn’t proved a happy hunting ground for the three-time champions. MS Dhoni had recently announced his retirement from international cricket, so there were a lot of eyes on CSK in IPL 2020. But things haven’t gone to plan for them. They are languishing in the last position with just 6 points from 11 matches.

Then Friday proved to be a further new low for CSK. They suffered their biggest defeat in IPL in terms of wickets. Not just that, it was also the first time that CSK have lost a match by 10 wickets in the history of the tournament. It is also the biggest defeat for CSK in terms of balls left.

CSK captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni admitted his side failed to perform to its potential from the second game onwards and also commented that the remaining games will see a lot of youngsters in the squad. But he mainatained that he is going to play all the games as ‘captains don’t run away”.

With the loss, CSK are all but out of reckoning for a place in the play-offs with just six points from 11 matches. They remained rooted at the bottom place in the IPL points table.

“Even when you are hurting you put a smile on your face so that the management doesn’t look like they are in panic. That is what the youngsters want and I feel the boys have done that. We have kept the dressing room like that and hopefully we can turn it around in the next three games at least for pride. We need to have a clear picture for the next year. The kind of auction, where the venues will be, and you want to give the boys a chance to perform and show their talent. We have to make the most of the next three games and it is good preparation for the next year. Identify the batsmen, who will bowl at the death and hopefully the players will soak up the pressure. Captain can’t run away, so I’ll be playing in all the games.”

On his side’s performance on Friday, Dhoni said that CSK haven’t performed well this year.

“What you need to see is what are the things that are going wrong. Specially this year, it hasn’t been our year. Whether you lose by 8 or 10 wickets, it hardly matters, but where we are at this stage of the tournament, it does hurt,” he said.”What you need to see is where we actually went wrong, right from the second game,” Dhoni said at the post-match presentation.

“There can be a 100 reasons, but one of the main things you ask yourself is whether you’ve played to the potential you’ve got no matter the conditions. When you put a good team on paper, have we done enough to back up the stats? And this year we haven’t.”

The former India captain said luck also did not favour CSK this time.

“It was more about the bowling. Rayudu got injured, the other batsman were maybe not there 200% and in cricket when you’re going through a tough phase, you need a bit of luck. The games we wanted to bat first, we haven’t won the toss, and there’s no dew and all of a sudden when we bat first there’s dew,” he said.

He said cumulatively there have been batting failures but termed it a part and parcel of the game.

“You can’t always think the result will go your way. Even when you’re hurting, you try to smile and take it on the chin. I feel the boys have done that, they’ve tried to perform. I think it’s important for us to have a clear picture of next year. There are lots of ifs and buts – auction, where the venues will be.”


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